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Welcome to my website! I hope this can bring home daycare and it's benefits to the attention of many parents seeking quality childcare. I also want to have providers feel free to speak about any issues that concern their businesses as well. I want to have an open and non judgmental forum for parents and providers to share their thoughts and speak freely about topics of concerns and interests. Finding great trusting childcare can often be an overwhelming task.

Through the years many parents have asked my advice on a range of subjects and though I have been in childcare most of my life, I also was a single mom of five children. I understand the demands on being a parent, and I hope this will be a helpful and resourceful tool in guiding you through your childcare search. I want parents to be enlightened and interested in why home daycare may be the better choice until your child is school ready. There are many years ahead, when school is your only choice,but there is an atmosphere of warmth and love that is unique in a home environment. It may seem like a daunting task to find great care, but you will! There is a great provider out there ready to work with you as a team, and the rewards can last a lifetime.

I hope the information on this site will enable you to explore the idea of home daycare and make the right decisions. Many of the families I have met over the years have kept in touch and are treasured friends. I hope this site will help parents find their best caregiver and, also I hope other providers share their stories and tips as well. Ultimately, the goal is a loved, nurtured and happy child!

I have been watching children for more than 25 years and was licensed for business in my home in California.


Check it out!

Hello everyone! My book, Home Daycare and Practical Parenting is now available to order online. Parents and Providers across the country are finding it very helpful as it offers a very real, and friendly image of what Home Daycare is, and should be- an extension of your loving home. You can CLICK HERE to order, or find the title on Amazon.com.

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Parents, if you are on the search for quality, trusting and loving care for your child please stop here. In choosing your daycare needs first explore the option of a licensed home daycare . This can often be an answer to all parents prayers. This is a loving close family oriented environment. One where your infant's needs will be met with care and patience and trust. For you providers out there or mom's who are looking into this profession please read on. This is a wonderful opportunity to stay home with your own children earn a good living and be of great value to children and families.